Racism in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Is it wrong that Mark Twain used the word Nigger? Many black African Americans very upset from the author using Nigger in the story because they think that its racist and disrespectful towards the way they used the N word. Nobody should ever call any black person out by the color of their skin.

Yes, its wrong and disrespectful to call any black African American person a nigger because thats not what their parents named them when they were born. Nigger doesnt have to be used for anybody in that term of being a black person. But the way Mark Twain was growing up he might have heard people around him call the slaves niggers because of the color of their skin.

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The color doesnt mean anything to nobody. There shouldnt even be books like that being published about black African Americans like that because its rude and disrespectful. Yes, I get upset that the fact that me being a black African American student has to listen to my teacher go on and on about my culture of people thats just like me. But it teaches education to black and whites. Nigger doesnt always reflect on a black person.

Not everybody thinks that Huck Finn shouldnt be removed because its only what the author has heard and seen. In fact, other students have their own opinions about the Huckleberry Finn book. It shouldnt be used as a type of term such as racist because not everybody takes the book serious as the black African American culture. Just look at it like your very sensitive about simple things and you want to know how to not let things such as slavery.

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