Racism in Sports

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This article was written to tell its readers about the problems that is going on in sports in todays society. In the article it talks about how sports fans only see what the media wants you to see but it doesn’t show the real problems that are really going on behind the scenes on the field and on the court. The article states that there are problems with not on racism in perfectional leagues but also with universities. This article talks about how racism is happening in colleges and for many African-American’s even if they go to the college people see them as an athlete and not there for a degree. The article will give the readers more information about racism in professional leagues and also in college sports as well. The article is not only about racism in sports but will also be about how those that works to promote and protect the athletes as well. I’m going to use this source to help give me more information about the aspects of not only college sports but also different angles for my paper. I’m also going to use this source to help me get a better understanding of the opinions of the author, so I can understand the information more clearly. I want to know more about this subject so this source that I found will give me the information that I need to understand my subject a little more.

This article is about how there are many accounts of racist slurs being directed towards the opposing teams at school sporting events. The article doesn’t go very into detail on the subject, but it did have recent accounts of this happening though. In the article it tells you who the racist slurs were being directed at and it also mentioned just some of the punishments that was received to those who said the racist things. The article also mentioned that not only were the adults but also some of the children also were the ones saying the racist slurs. The article also stated that there were even some death threats to an owner of an Idaho soccer club. The article also states that there are more and more of these types of issues happening around the US. The article also stated that there is more of a political level to this issue as well. I found this article to be really informative on my subject because it not only gave me different things that had happened recently to why it might be happening. I found that the different examples of racist slurs around the Us. This article will give me a different perspective when I’m writing my paper.

This movie is based off a true story and it tells about a time during WWII when we discriminated against those that were Asian. This movie tells the story of a baseball team of Japanese boys who just wanted to play the sport that they love but WWII was happening,

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