Racism in Shotgun

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The terrible occasion of hurricane Katrina wiped out the city, as well as creating lasting scars in everybody’s heart and homes. Beside the absence of monetarily assistance from the government there were racial intricacies and pressure among the people.

Shotgun opens calmly then rapidly changes into racial exchange. In the first scene Dexter, Beau, and Eugene are acquainted with each other. Dexter starts to toss a little racial articulation about how he “lost a lot of his people that day”, with much accentuation on “his” as though they can’t relate because of skin shading. Eugene instantly reacts, “You not the only one lost somebody.” In reference to his mom and being taken from home. (Biguenet page 8) As much as Dexter attempts to persuade Mattie not to lease the opposite side of the shotgun she doesn’t tune in and continues getting the keys. He advises her, “You asking for trouble you do this, Mattie. Trust an old man. Mixing black and white, it’s nothing but a jug of gasoline looking for a match.” (Biguenet page 10) however that doesn’t stop her. The following scene, it’s New Year’s Eve and Beau cooked. Eugene communicates his scorn for the circumstantial situation that they’re in. Beau attempts to cheer him up by proposing things will improve when school begins stating he’ll make new companions. Eugene’s reaction is “Friends? This school over here, Daddy, it’s all black. Those new friends of mine going to beat the crap out of me.”…”You’re not the one has to go to a new school with a bunch of black bastards gonna kick my ass everyday.” (Biguenet page 14)

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In Act 1 scene 5, Dexter and Willie talk on the front porch about the discourse given by the mayor and racial issues. Willie says “You hear what the mayor say? Say God meant this to be a chocolate city, but those white people Uptown, they don’t want black folks ever going home again.” Dexter reacts with “Only thing they care about,

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