Racism and Culture

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Eric A. Watts and Robert Wald Sussman are successful authors and known for their passages. They both write an article that explores how racism being used and the origin of racism.

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“The Color of Success” is an article written by Eric A. Watts, and “The Myth of Race” written by Robert Wald both articles explore the history and the modern day of racism. Eric A. Watts explores how the black community destroying themselves by calling success, study or wants to progress in schools and having jobs considering as “acting white.” In addition, Wald Sussman explores how science shows the fact that racism is not in human nature it’s a learning behavior.

In the article Watts express how The black community victimizing themselves. He uses examples from his childhood education when many of his black peers would call him out for “acting white”. Anytime he in a group of black speaking proper English and want to study or want to succeed in school and speak properly, they would consider him as “ acting white”. Wald explores the fact how people been thaught and how to interpret and understand racism. For the past 500 years “ we have been told that there are very specific things that relate to race, such as intelligence, sexual behaviors, birth rates, infants care, work ethics and abilities, personal restraint, lifespan, law-cohesion, and even brain size.” In Wald Susman article he demonstrates everything Watts friend think of him been to them by society the moment there was born to this day. We learned that some races are better than others because we are born into a racist society and our life ordered by this structure.

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