Racism and Adversity in Professional Baseball

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Baseball is known as America’s favorite pastime. Incorporating baseball to a sociological perspective, you can begin to understand how the game is viewed to function in the society in which it is played, and how society impacts the game. Northern American sports has suffered immensely from the division, labels, and stereotypes that have been encrypted on specific individuals of a certain race or ethnicity.

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Relating to the fact that adversity and racism are at a direct conflict within our society, 42 represents the pride and courage of a discriminated African American baseball player, who stood as a sign for racial progression in America. Both sport and race are sociologically problematic because they appear to be crucial aspects of human life that precedes our socialization.

42 was about an African American man, Jackie Robinson, who gets signed to play professional baseball under the Dodgers. The film takes place in the generation in which America was largely segregated and racism plagued the entire country. This generation was known to be during the 40s and 50s. Although this was a factor, Jackie never doubted his ability and strength, and he kept his head held high while pursuing his passion for baseball without physically fighting against racism. Jackie Robinson’s strength against all racism related obstacles showed America how wrong they were in their ways. It shines a light on the national conflict of racial integration of American professional baseball. After World War II, African Americans would come home to racial segregation, inequality, discrimination, and a time where their life would be more difficult than ever in their communities. Jackie Robinson, like many other African American athletes at the time, were deprived opportunities that contributed to the equity issue in the sports world and was racially discriminated. Robinson pursued a passion of his regardless of the hatred that he got in return. He represented courage and integrity to the defeat of adversarial stereotypes on black individuals.

At the start of the movie, Jackie braves the hostility of racial prejudice on and off the field of the unspoken color line, from player and fan alike. Branch Rickey, a major league team executive with a bold idea once states, a black a man in white baseball, can you imagine the reaction (Movie 42). This quote represents the whole idea behind 42 and the reactions are simply the acceptance and disproval of those being influenced by Jackie’s position in society. This hostility proves a major challenge not just for Jackie anymore, but his family. The main plot of 42 is not one single idea. From time to time, people try to treat the across nation debate about race as something with no importance, less about hatred and violence, and more about people simply not being careful with the words or pictures they use.

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