Racial Prejudice in The Movie “Jungle Fever”

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The movie Jungle Fever directed and writen by Spike Lee, brings the viewer the lives of two families – African Americans and descendants of Italian immigrants. One of the historical parts of the movie which is presented by the filmmaker is the side of the city which the families of Bensonhurst, a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn, reacts when one of them- Angie( an italian descendant) starts being romantically involved with Flipper ( African American). Vinny, a character in the movie that is shown as resistant to this interracial relationship, is a friend of Paulie, Angie’s italian boyfriend, which owns a store in the neighboorhood and is frequented by mostly italians. Vinny’s reaction of resistant, bigotry and despair in relation to the involvement of an Italian american woman and african american men is lead by the desire to keep the italian background of the community he was raised, to fight for his roots and the desire to maintain the neighborhood where he was raised “free” of people he considered inferior than his race.

In Italy, entire small towns, saw their population fall by half in the decade between 19th century to the 20th century. Of these population, almost a third had as destiny the dreamy North America, specially New York, which had a great need of menpower. Citation Dr. Gerry Krase a Brooklyn College professor afirms that the “culture of this particular Italian population attempted to recreate their Italian villages from back home and tried to reflect their “exaggerated sense of defense” against any other culture or ethnicity”. In 1980’s the italian population reached its higher number of residents in New York. Bensonhurst, was one of the main neighborhoods that they were found. Analysing the history a few years back, in 1968, civil rights legislation made segregation illegal, but it remained through a series of individual actions, institutional practices and government policies. The separation of housing areas developed by ethinicities remained stable for while, but consenquently saw a shift in which African Americans started to ihabit and visit such as Bensonhurst.

In the United States,

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