Racial Inequality and Segregation

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How does it feel to be a problem? Is what DuBois is analyzing through his piece of literature. Using Ross Posnock’s view as a lens, DuBois forms a structure of American civilization and life from a colored person’s view. Through DuBois’s book, we get his perspective that were existent through the time of segregation.

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In his sense, segregation is another term for separation. Segregation is the outstanding point that Dubois uses through his piece with Posnock’s piece as a lens. Even though DuBois talks about his personal experience and seeing it happen right in front of him, he describes how there was a sense and hope that there was going to be some sort of change. Instead, that change never occurred and the hope was lost. We learn the wrongdoings of people of color and we see that directly through DuBois and Posnock’s eyes. Both of these pieces of literature show the concern of someone or anyone being accepted into a society. Both pieces focus on segregation and the main issue of being accepted in different communities.

In W.E.B. DuBois’ book, The Souls of the Black Folk, he brings up the problem faced by colored people because of their race, or even their identity. DuBois starts by taking a new approach as to connect sociology; the study of how different people develop into their society, and history; studying our past. He emphasizes the new terms such as a person’s double consciousness and an outline to show the division and separation of certain individuals, especially colored people, and inequality because of race.

The first chapter in his book is called Of Our Spiritual Strivings. In this chapter, DuBois begins with a little story, a personal analysis about the characteristics of white people. Later on, he looks back on the moment where he first noticed he was different. He describes his experience when as a class project, visiting cards were being passed out. It was his turn to get one, and the girl giving them out refused to give him one because of his skin color. He knew that from that moment there was a dispute with whites and colored people. On page 7, it states how does it feel to be a problem? (Dubois, 3). From that question, DuBois knew that this was going to e a future issue, right from the incident he had in school with the refusal. This girl wouldn’t accept his card (even when it was part of a class project. From then on, he knew and recognized that because he was of a different color, he was different than everyone else.

He also goes on to talk about the inappropriate question that are asked by people who feel superior to others.

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