Racial Discrimination In Society

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Can anyone imagine what it feels like when we are constantly watched or being judged simply by the way you look? Racial discrimination has taken many different forms whether being verbal or nonverbal. As the outcome for this, it can cause a negative impact that apply both physical and psychological. I’m sure that many of us would perceive racial discrimination to be very disturbing, annoying, and overall utter nonsense. However, there are some issues that I would address about this insidious practice:

1) It has occurred throughout history;
2) Happens everywhere, and 3) currently still being used, as we speak.

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For this topic, I will not only explain the issue but also gathering up solution to benefit you from taking a huge damage. Finally, I will like to address on how we as West Valley College student, express our point of view towards this act.

I. We need to know how and where racial discrimination comes from?

A. I am sure we all know that but to revised this: It starts out as stereotype or bias but once it reaches to the assumption stage, it becomes an out of the line boundary.

B. Most offenders usually used the complex of superiority and inferiority, which they believe to be better than another group. To connect the dots, once this complex belief is used, it can go through other negative sensations such as jealously, hatred, and/or even violence.

C. Other cases could be noticed that there are some offenders are afraid of different which can cause a huge discomfort.

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