Quotes Analysis in Fahrenheit 451

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The quote is trying to say that Montag was really happy and had a smile on his face to being unhappy and frowning. He does this by using a simile by comparing his smile turning into a frown and a burning candle. This is important because Montag believes he is happy but the more he thinks about Is he happy and sees his bedroom, he starts to see that he is not truly happy.

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It reveals that Montag starts to see the reality in which he is not truly happy. I feel that this happens to everyone because everyone has that one moment when something happens to you and you try to play it off as everything is fine when really you are sad and want to be alone. The quote is saying that people in their society are afraid of firemen and don’t get to know that person when they are just ordinary people. This is important because society just decides to make assumptions of people, society is afraid of the firemen and are just jumping to conclusions or assuming the kind of people those firemen are. This reveals the kind of society in which they live in, the society doesn’t want to know people or socialize, they assume the character of that person.

In this quote, Bradbury is saying that there are so many bad people in the world. It is important because out of all those billions of people in the world, you only seem to meet those that bring struggle to your life other than those that can bring peace and harmony to you. This starts to reveal Montags feelings towards society and not to get too close to anyone because we all live in a world where things might not be what you expect. I feel that Bradbury has a point here in which that society can turn on you at any point because you can never trust anyone because you never know what this person might be trying to do.

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