Question Of Nuclear Energy

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 We live in an age in which information can be obtained in a matter of seconds. News outlets seem to get their story as it’s happening, and the world is a little smaller because of it. However, with the advantage of having information at our fingertips comes disadvantages. It appears anyone with access to the internet is an automatic expert in the subject they wish to talk about, but that doesn’t come without biased opinions and incomplete information being thrown into the mix.

 With just anyone having the capability of publishing information online, basic things such as citations and quotes get left out; and because of society’s sheep mentality, most of the public trusts what they read without question, without truly understanding. When the public refuses to ask questions and question their own knowledge, polarization can occur; creating a battle between emotion and fact. This is especially true for scientific subjects such as Nuclear Energy. On the quest to find general articles for this subject, I came at a crossroads between factual, unbiased journals and completely biased and emotional pleas to end the use of Nuclear Energy.

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According to the highly emotional and biased short article by GreenPeace, Nuclear energy has no place in a safe, clean, sustainable future. The article states that this anti-nuclear movement has been going on since 1971 and offers a wide array of articles based on other earth damaging processes such as the use of oil, as well as ways to participate in their movement towards eliminating all forms of nuclear energy use.

Another point that was brought up was that Nuclear waste is still a long way from being safely disposable; Radioactive waste leaks into the surrounding environment, making it hazardous and inhabitable. The author also brings up that with all these risks, there is a threat of nuclear weapons that could affect our national security as well as the safety of the entire world.

The article brings up the obvious Fukushima and Chernobyl, which states that they released enormous amounts of radiation into the surrounding communities, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate. Many of them may never come back. If the industry’s current track record is any indication, we can expect a major meltdown about once per decade.  The last sentence of this quote was highlighted and when clicked on, links you to another article completely dedicated to the Fukushima disasters. Which includes facts, data and a wide array of citations, many of the facts include real threats such as food shortages, emergency evacuations, radiation poisoning and decontaminations.

 This sub article also uncovers what seems to be conspiracies against the Japanese electric company, TEPCO (Tohoku Electric Power Co), which has multiple accusations of falsifying information inspection records, concealing knowledge of future disasters if a tsunami were to hit and creating a false sense of security when it came to nuclear safety;

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