Quantity Surveying in Mechanical and Electrical

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In future the proactive and effective manage of cost, contracts, communication and claims – the four Cs- will consistently become more important to developers and facilitators involved in physical structures and properties.

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The Quantity surveyor should understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the needs of client in relation to cost, contracts, communication and claims and perhaps focus their development on the important links between the functions.

Changes and developments in the industry and market will also influence the way in which these functions are managed. For those professionals who deliver these services to the industry, the focus should be on client satisfaction and a positive experience for all concerned. Establishing a link in effectively managing the process to ensure success should be the primary aim of the manager. This should be done in close partnership with all functionaries, engaged in the process.

Planning, controlling and co-ordinating budgets and cost plans, as well as communicative results will limit claims and facilitate the process of contract management. The contract should also facilitate partnerships and the system should be aimed at satisfying needs, seeking opportunity and perusing growth.


The main objective of this paper is to study the subject of value engineering (now know as value management) from QS (M&E) perspective. Based on the parameters; cost, contracts, communication and claims the value engineering study is done and the challenges faced by the quantity surveyor is also discussed. The objective of the study can be summarized as follows.

  • To study the subject of value engineering and its methodology.
  • To study the value engineering importance in cost management and the quantity surveyor’s role.
  • To study how the selection of contracts can add value to the project and the quantity surveyor’s contribution to that process.
  • To study the quantity surveyor’s communication strategies to achieve the expected value and client’s objectives.
  • To study how the knowledge of quantity surveyor can add value (in terms of money, time and effort) during disputes.

    3.1: Methodology

    Value engineering methodology evolved in the 1940s when the transition was made from the search for an alternative to the search for means of fulfilling the functions of an alternative. Shortly afterwards it was observed that function-oriented alterations in working methods often result in improving quality along with eliminating unnecessary cost (Palmer et al., 1996). Since its introduction, the methodology has been well developed to be applied in construction industry, as it enables realization of life cycle cost and cost effectiveness of projects (Omigbodun,

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