Quality assurance evaluation process (sqae)

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This dissertation intends to discover, assess and prioritise a variety of aspects of Supplier Quality Assurance Evaluation. It additionally aims at presenting a suitable methodology in a sequential order. To start with, this thesis exploits the literary practices and reviews the methodologies authored by a variety of researchers. A reference company (Toyota-Pakistan) has been chosen to conduct the Analysis of Supplier Quality Evaluation concept in the industry. Interviews were conducted and data was obtained and analysed. Thorough analysis has been conducted and important answers have been highlighted.

Making use of academic and experimental research, a model based on comprehensive methodology was established. Also, the improvement points as well as the areas of weaknesses of the SQAE system in the pilot organization are clearly drawn. This thesis is mostly focused on real-time issues related to the managerial, tactical and methodological areas of Supplier Quality Assurance Evaluation in light of Supply Chain Management.

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Analyzing the proposed framework and looking into its application in the industry as well as possible results and viability has also been carried out. Every vital detail, format and content has been explained. Also, involvement of advanced manufacturing concepts has been discussed.

The proposed concept helps in making manufacturing companies come to terms with the need to introducing Supplier Quality problems into the mainstream of their manufacturing process. This is seen as the foundation for establishing a proper working principle for Supplier Quality Evaluation.

1.0 Introduction:

Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA), within the idea of Supply Chain Management, has received tremendous notice by the industries in the last few years. Methodology of purchasing function has been shaped quite a lot by the concepts of Total Quality Management and newer supply chain management practices resulting in a change from detection to prevention philosophy. “A wide array of new materials and new products has emerged and the assemblies now days demand degrees of complexity at the same time as performance needs are increasing and allowable tolerances are being narrowed” [Lloyd, 1984]. However, to make sure that the quality of the product is up to the optimum level, it is mandatory to look into the supplier quality issue and only inspecting the supplier parts is not the answer as the role of supplier is getting more and more important regarding production and specially in the manufacturing processes where various assemblies are included in the make up of the final product. Inspection indeed cannot be done to such a massive number of components and buyer has to take the supplier quality assurance operation into account (Bailey et al, 2005, 23-35).

Supplier-Buyer relationship also relies on a greater input into the Quality of not only Supplier’s items but also into the Supplier’s quality assurance operations. Like Japanese organisations (huge names such as Toyota,

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