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Qualifications of General Managers and Internet

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Executive Summary Be found two questions in this assignment, the first question is discuss opinion about a general manager of an organization must obtain at least a master degree qualification in business studies or related field. Second question is discuss views about internet making new friend and maintaining existing friendships and remove the face to face contact so vital to human relationship. In first task, become a general manager need qualification is more important than experience because it is more easy to find a good job and high salary. In second task, face to face contact and internet socializing is same important for everyone. Because internet easy way and more faster to making friend and face to face are more closer with others. Table of Content TitlePage 1.0 Introduction-------------------------------------------------------3
  1. General manager-------------------------------------------------4-5
  1. Network and face to face communication-----------------
3.1 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------
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1.0 Introduction Question 1 is about General manager is one of the most important character in the company's top management. .Any industry general manager worked in, his main responsibility is to manage and oversee all aspects of the company. Typically, the general manager has to report to and work under the supervision of the Vice President or the Chief Executive Officer , depending on the highest level of the organizational hierarchy. And also in some cases, the company president or CEO and also can perform the duties of general manager. General responsibilities of general manager is work in the job description mainly includes managing and coordinating works of managers working under the general manager process. And general manager duties consist of scheming and planning company policies, and consult with senior management for final approval. Other that, a general manager is to develop operational guidelines for a specific process, which is directly under his authority. Besides that, general manager has to develop and establish an annual budget and fiscal plan, and submit it before the board of directors. General manager also has to provide a detailed report of the functions of all departments under his authority, and submit a report to senior management to review performance. Lastly, a general manager can also play an important role in recruiting and training manager there under. Provide training to new practice managers on how to improve employee performance, as well as responsibility. Task 1 General manager should have qualification to proven ability and knowledge. A master degree qualification gives people the opportunity to extend people knowledge of a particular subject or done with completely different direction by using the skills you have gained from your undergraduate studies. The Benefits of a Masters can improve people earning potential. It cans provide people with personal and professional skills to aid your development. Besides that, people are also got a opportunity to distinguish from people peers, many of people will have at least A-level and Undergraduate Qualifications. Negative effects of general manager are having too much impact on the team. Typically, teams of experts work, guided by the leadership of general manager. And the experts often know the best individuals, and discussion among team members can lead to innovative and effective solutions. In some situations the team, the group can hear general manager until it becomes detrimental. Idea manager will not always be the best way or the only way to do things. If people are worried about pleasing the manager and instead of finding the most effective solution, the team has lost its effectiveness. Other that, a good general manager should be emphasized that these ideas are welcomed, this show serious consideration to every idea, do not dismiss it so easily or criticize an employee who suggested it. A General Manager has broad, overall responsibility for the business or organization. While a manager may be responsible for a functional area, the General Manager is responsible for all areas. General Manager manages through to defer manager. However, a general manager may have to report to the individual he or she is not a manager. Besides that, a general manager has the authority to fire or promote employees. A General Manager is responsible for planning higher level managers. Next, a general manager is responsible to face the strategic planning and direction of the company or organization and leave the day-to-day variety of functions to the manager. A master's can give you the edge over the competition in the job market but there are some skills that can't be taught in a classroom.It seems like it all used to be so easy you did your A-Levels, went to university and hopefully you successfully kicked off your career before being forced to move back in with mum and dad. But you must do more than a degree to stand out in the current economic climate. Otherwise, we are not talking about those job seekers who go to extremes but about the growing number of graduates who are aiming to up the ante with a master's degree. 2.1 Conclusion In my opinion, whether to have experience or qualifications, each with its own advantages, experience is accumulated slowly come back and have a wealth of academic knowledge, so we should be fair to treat. 3.0 Task 2 Is internet is a wonderful tool for making friends maintaining existing friendships or socializing online more vital to human relationship. A face to face communication is something you have not on the phone, not by computer, but when you're face to face with someone, telling them something in front of them.The disadvantage of the face to face communication is the one who looks or use the wrong word could easily backfire on somebody, cause issues. In fact, when talking to someone, some really aware of all the face emotion they make. This can easily be confusing when someone says things just did not match their body language. This can lead to issues with trusting people. The advantages of face to face contact is as technology continues to evolve different ways of communicating are like phones, e-mail, cell phones, Skype and social media is essential for today's working life. Yet, I believe that face to face is the best way to communicate. Acting as team leader Star contract I often call and e-mail, but I build great relationships with my clients to meet in person, it is common in the medical sales industry as well. Face to face interaction with consultants, nurses and doctors are very important to your success in the workplace. Besides that, for many companies, travel and meeting budgets first to lose when the recession hit, but meet with clients or candidates to show them that they are worth your time and money, and vice versa, so face to face communication is more you can have the better. Other that, have a meeting, lunch or a cup of coffee will give you the opportunity to build relationships. It is a relationship that cannot be felt through e-mail or phone and it will help build familiarity, credibility and trust in the relationship. Lastly, face to face like meetings can reduces the risk of communication errors compared to e-mail or by phone. And is I preferred method of face to face communication, because of the age of technology and other forms of communication allow us to save money and time, and we are no longer limited to the location, thereby reducing our misunderstanding. Internet provides a rich opportunity to make new friends, find romance, and share interests with others. This socializing online, such as the off-line counterpart, may present some danger. Internet is when you first meet someone offline you have visual clues to age, sex, and general attitude. But when online, you need to find new ways to assess social relationships, and you have to be careful about how much you reveal about yourself. In this problem, teenagers have the opportunity to develop critical thinking. So that it can find support from peers online, exploring questions of identity, to get help with homework, and ask questions about sensitive issues they may be afraid. It also can develop their skills in understanding the issues from the perspective of each others. The most relevant disadvantage of online learning is directly tied to the specificities of the web environment itself that leads people to choose this method of education. Most of the disadvantages of online learning are connected to the e- learning, which is a reduced personal interaction that exists in the online learning system. First, participants may receive information from a professor or media content, and usually have limited opportunities to exchange the ideas and information with other people or to learn from mistakes and experience. Finally, given the nature of communication between teacher and student exchange timely question, it can know by test scores when required analytical thinking of students. 3.1 Conclusion I think internet or face to face contact both also have both benefits, the scope of the Internet to make friends are more fast and easy and face to face contact is limited to knows friends or other people. 4.0 Reference Sylvan. and Sylvan. 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