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Question 1 The Construction Industry is a complex and unique compared to other due to its characteristic. Some of the characteristic of this industry is it involve many key players from either from inside or outside of this industry i. e. normally when someone said construction, the image of building, contractor, architect will cross into mind however, that only a basic key player; there are lots of them outside like arbitrator, local authorities, bankers and etc. to narrow down this issue, the profession normally involve are like architect, engineer, contractor and quantity surveyor. All these types of profession have their own responsibility and works towards the construction. However, each of them must be registered profession before start the works in order to have an authority in each profession later on. For example, for the quantity surveyor, they have two governing body that must be known and registered i. e. Board of Quantity Surveyor Malaysia (BQSM) and Institution of Surveyor Malaysia (ISM). First of all the governing body that a quantity surveyor must be involves with is BQSM. BQSM was made by an Act of Parliament which is the Registration of Quantity Surveyor s Act 1967, Act 1967, Act 487 (revised 1992). The board comprised of a president, who is a register members of quantity surveyor, and sixteen (16) of members which are appointed by the Minister of Works Malaysia i. e. five members holding the office in Public Service of Malaysia, five registered quantity surveyor that have at least six years working; involve with Malaysian construction industry and this five consist of four from consulting practice and one from private sector. One from any institution of higher learning, one from nomination of Board of Architect, and one from Board of Engineers and two ore are nomination from the president. Furthermore, each of the members in the BQSM is appointed in term according to the QS Act 1967 (Revised 2002) normally in 3 year’s stages. In addition, this board also will act as a body for registration of quantity surveyor and practice firms consulting of quantity surveyor. This board is a body corporate body with unending chain and common seal and which may sue and be sued. According to Section 4 under QS Act 1967 (Revised 2002), there are several function of the BQSM stated like the quantity surveyor must be a registered with the board first before working and apply all the quantity practice to the community. The board has the authority either to approve or disapproved the registration of a quantity surveyor and/or the practice i. e. the firm itself. BQSM also will act like an advisor to the quantity surveying firm practice such as in case related to the issue of registration of the quantity surveyor. For example, the written notice will be send from BQSM to the misconduct quantity surveyor regarding either warning, summon or other actions that can be taken. The rate for professional charge each quantity surveying practice will be revised time to time, with the approval of the Minister of Public Works.

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