Pyramus And Thisbe in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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The story Pyramus and Thisbe is an example of a story within a story or a myse en abyme in another play known as mid-summer nights dream. The play was written by the veteran poet and actor William Shakespeare in the year 1590. The play is somehow similar to another play by the Shakespeare known as Juliet and Romeo.

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The act took place in Theseus palace were three couples had just gotten married and were celebrating, feasting and getting entertained. A piece of paper written the number of people who were to perform was brought by philostrate. Theseus read the just brought list in order to choose one of the most interesting performances. The couples get fascinated by the play Pyramus and Thisbe. Then Quince introduces the play. The three couples then commented on the questions that followed about the play. The characters were then introduced and the play commenced (Tammie and Saxby, pg.7). In the story Pyramus and Thisbe who were neighbor’s fell in love.

The main challenge that the couples had was adversity between their families. The couples were prohibited by their parents to meet with each other when they were dating. Due that factor, they often communicated through a wall crack in a wall fence separating their houses. It was during this day that the couples decided to meet at Ninus’ tomb. They wanted to meet in order to cure the curiosity surrounding their love affair. When Thisbe arrived at the tomb he spotted a lioness who had just finished eating her pray and was smearing blood at her mouth. He escaped from the predator and left his veil behind. When Pyramus arrived at the tomb he was frustrated when he saw the veil with blood. He was frustrated because he thought that his partner was killed by the lion. Pyramus fell on the sword killing himself. Later Thisbe returned to the tomb and found that his lover was dead. She was deeply troubled by the encounter until she resulted to falling on the sword committing suicide. The gods were pitied by the incidence turning the mulberry tree into the crimson color.

It is true that the plot of the story Pyramus and Thisbe has a direct link with the story Romeo and Juliet bringing a confusion to several critics about which among the stories was written first (Delcorno & Pietro, pg.41). Apart from the two dramas making an emphasis to the issue of social convection and love, the story is a direct parallel to that of Juliet and Romeo. It is obvious that the talented author was mocking his love story Juliet and Romeo through a burlesque. Apart from other dramas by the author the story Midsummer night’s dream does not have any written source,

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