Purpose of juvenile justice system is rehabilitation

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Juvenile crime is increasing in the 21st century rapidly and the severity of crimes are becoming more heinous. The juvenile justice court system is different from the regular adult criminal justice system. Adult criminal court is for serious offenses and meant for persons over the age of 18.

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With juveniles committing more crimes than in past years, we are now seeing crimes that you would think were committed by an adult. Age in the criminal justice system is not as important as you would think. However, it is becoming more common for juveniles to be sent to adult court due to the severities of there crimes. Most of the time when a person goes to adult court, the charges are not lightened, and jail/prison time is sentenced. How often is it that juveniles are transferred to adult criminal court? Does the age have a role in the sentencing or transfer of the juvenile? What crimes classify as severe enough to go to adult court? Overall, what are the pros and cons of the juvenile criminal justice system? With the youth being our future leaders of America, through the juvenile criminal court system we can aide juveniles back to living a healthy and positive lifestyle.

In the juvenile justice system, it is seen as a rehabilitative model for young adults. This is one of the pros that we see in the system. Juveniles and adult are treated differently in rehab. This is due to the maturity level and comprehending what is happening. If a juvenile was tried and convicted of a crime in adult court, then why should they be rehabilitated any differently? Many people have argued that by helping a juvenile through rehabilitation services, it is instead having the opposite effect. Once a juvenile has been a criminal or delinquent, we are labeling them before we even know it. Therefore, this child regardless of the age or crime is going to be a delinquent by future employers, friends and family. Studies have shown that, delinquency is not so much an act of individual deviancy. (Simpson, 1976) The juvenile does make his/her decisions for themselves, but they are easily influenced by their peers or peer groups. The peer pressure of having to fit in with the popular kids or participate in the acts they are. This creates trouble for the juvenile and often the cause of their crime is when they were with this peer group. Rehabilitation is the opportunity to rid of any toxic behaviors or people in the offender’s life. There different methods of rehab and they include parole which leaves the offender in society but allows them to change freely under certain guidelines. The second way is substance abuse treatment for those that are dealing with addiction and that’s causing their criminal activity.

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