Public Prisons vs. Private Prisons

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Public Prisons vs. Private Prisons

  1. Introduction

Most people will never go to prison in their life. Without a personal connection to the prison system in the United States, most people just don’t care about it. They don’t think of violence, reoffending or fair salaries for the workers. They don’t care if someone goes to jail and gets sent back or if the food is good and people are comfortable. These opinions change quickly when talking to someone with a friend or family member in jail. They understand where their money goes, how much things cost, and who is profiting off of the hardships of their loved one. There are several advantages and disadvantages of using private sector prisons in the United States. There are issues with taxpayer funding of public versus private prisons, the lack of support that public prisons have, and the issues in funding that come along with private sector prison programs and the employment and operational costs of the facilities. When you look at the facts of public and private prisons, there are a lot of issues to debate and concerns to be raised. Many people feel there are morality issues when you see how guards treat prisoners, especially in the private ones. The controversy of wages and how fair they are and the possibility of CEO’s getting extra privileges is also something that concerns people. There is also controversy over where the money in the prison system should be spent. Is it important to help and educate prisoners so they do not come back to jail? Or should prison be someplace uncomfortable and miserable so you don’t want to ever come back? The purpose of this paper is to weigh the pros and cons of operating correctional facilities as businesses. The government obviously runs public prisons, but is it fair for businesses to make millions and millions of dollars off of crime? Tax payer money goes to public prisons and they fail a lot of times, so that’s why private prisons are being built. But since the government isn’t regulating these private prisons, it is hard to keep them honest and fair and keep track of what goes on inside. Problems with public prisons can be seen on both the state and federal level. There are problems with overcrowding, inmate violence and reoffending. However, even though taxes are being sent to these prisons, nothing is being done to reform the problems. You always hear on the news and on television about the inequalities of races in prisons and the large numbers of people that go to jail, get let out and then go back. If these problems were looked at more seriously, they could be solved or at least made better, and citizens would feel more comfortable about how their taxes are being spent by the government. Private prisons are basically businesses that make money off of the pain, suffering and mistakes of others by sending people to jail.

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