Public Policy

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Provide a one paragraph definition of “public policy”. After researching the term public policy it was difficult to come up with one single definition. Cocharm et al, 1999 define public policy always refer to actions of Government and the intentions that determines their actions. Dye 2000 states that public policy is the outcome of the struggle in Government over who gets what, whatever government chose to do or not to do. Cochorn suggests that public policy consists of political decisions for implementing programs to achieve societal goals. Stated most simple, Peters 2003, defines public policy as the sum of government activities weather acting directly or through agents, as it has a influence on the life of citizens. Upon reaching a good definition of public policy seems to be very difficult. Birkland 2005 concludes that, all the aspects of the definition suggest that public policy affects a greater variety of people 2. Provide an example of both positive and normative statements (not the ones provided in your text book! ) A. Positive statements are statements that can be tested or rejected by referring to the available evidence. Example: A reduction in the use of plastic bag will help reduce the risks associated to global warming. B. Normative statements express an opinion about what ought to be. They are subjective rather than objective statements. They carry value judgments. Example: The new HST on fast food is unfair and unfairly penalizes the poorer class of consumers. C. 3. List what you think are the top three policy issues for government today. Indicate why you think they are important. The top three policy issues for government today are A. Health care- Most recently, health care is one of the most popular issues amongst heads of government. Mental health care and the cost associated with treatment are affecting the poorer class of Canadians.

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