Prototype modeling of smart grid technology at ciit lahore

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1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 Definition:

The smart grid system is vast collection of technologies to provide an electricity network having the ability to solve the major issues related to reliability, cost effectiveness of electric power and decentralization or grid dependency

The smart grid technology using renewable energy sources transferred electricity towards user side with the concept of integration of renewable energy sources.

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1.1.2 Why Smart Grid Technology Adopted

The demand of electricity is increased so much by the passage of time, which creates some major problems related to conventional electricity network. By 2020 energy demand will be doubled from the present demand [1]. Smart grid is the result of such efforts which are performed to make availability of electricity more reliable, economical and user friendly with the concept of decentralized network due to two way communication of electricity through network[2].

The Architectural model of a 21st century power system that interconnects everyone to affordable, abundant, clean, reliable, and efficient electricity anytime, anywhere. The purpose of Smart Grid is also to integrate several renewable resources with our national Grid and enhances the efficiency; reliability and thus providing a hassle free Transmission of electric power. It also contributes to reduce carbon emissions and providing a pollution free environment.

1.2 Back Ground

1.2.1 The European Development in the Area of Smart Grid

In the next three decades European member state will expend about 750 billion in power infrastructure. This amount will expend on generation and networks. The European Technology plate form was developed in 2005 to solve the problems of Network Owners, operators and users[3].

1.2.2 Smart Grid Development in USA

In USA the Smart grid developments initiated during first Bush Administration[4]. In 2002 a DOE study describes the hundred of million of Dollar spent In US power systems on transmission practices and results a proposal of construction of transformed national electricity grid upto2030 providing the best and secure transmission of electricity[5].

1.2.3 Smart Grid Development in Australia

Under the Energy Transformed Flagship the Intelligent Grid Program was launched on 19 Aug, 2008. This Program researched in the fields of Control methodologies and economic modeling for distributed generation, Social impact of Intelligent grid, New housing developments and micro grids[6].

1.3 Design Description

1.3.1 Features of Smart Grid

The most important features of Smart Grid Technology are:

  • Integration of Renewable Sources
  • Battery Storage option
  • Provide electric power to both AC and DC loads
  • Advance Monitoring

1.3.2 Proposed Methodology

Above figure shows prototype modeling of smart grid system at micro level along with the integration of several renewable energy resources such as small wind plant and solar panels.

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