Protection of Endangered Species

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Each and every species on this planet depends upon the survival of one another, so what occurs on the off chance that one gets wiped out? According to Bruskotter (2009), currently, there are over 1 thousand endangered species in the United States by itself (p.75). Each creature is influenced somehow, and it is certainly not in a good way. There are many different terms to depict the status of these creatures, similarly as there are numerous variables that played into them even getting to that status in the first place.

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The termination of a living species influences everything around that particular organism whether the two come into contact or not. This happens everywhere to everything even to us. There are additionally numerous strategies talked about and honed to try and find a balance regarding the elimination of species, however some are not close as effective as others.

The growing problem/trend of endangered species has been going on since the beginning of time literally, dating back to the dinosaurs. The only difference between the present and what happened to the dinosaurs is that we have an idea what made the dinosaurs go extinct (the big bang) and we have yet to find a solid reason for the multitude of endangered animals that are on the verge of becoming extinct. Enzler (2009), suggests that scientists have worked diligently to try and spare endangered species since the birth of most animals’ and species came during the 1970’s. These endeavors have spared many endangered species from becoming full on extinct, including some famous species known to the US like the Bald Eagle (p.80). However, those examples of overcoming the ongoing adversity of endangered species have been the exemption as opposed to the standard we live in currently. The amount of endangered species has dramatically increased in the previous couple of years and at this rate our environment won’t be able to afford the loss of these species. Learning about what an actual endangered species is, what makes a species vulnerable to extinction, what the Endangered Species Act is, and the role us humans play in that will ultimately give insight on how to contain this growing trend of species becoming endangered.

An endangered species is not hard to define at all. First of all, to be viewed or categorized as an endangered species, the number of inhabitants in that particular species must be extremely low the point that it is in danger of becoming permanently terminated. In Bruskotter’s and Enzler’s view (2009),

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