Prostitution and Female-Subjugation in the Select Indo-Bangla Females’ Writings

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Indo-Bangla social structure is highly influenced by patriarchal values. Moreover, here cultural pattern, especially its values, beliefs, tradition, role and status, gender based attitude and practices restrict sexual activities and sexual behavior are usually restricted within the institution of marriage. In spite of social and legal constraints, a huge number of women and girls are involved in prostitution for which they are denounced, treated as unchaste and even untouchable, and ultimately rejected by the society.

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The root cause of prostitution is social structure that includes gender inequality and exploitation, violence, women’s inferior status, changes in social and economic institutions, etc. Whatever the cause is the prostitutes are subjugated. Simone de Beauvoir states in The Second Sex that the prostitute is a scapegoat who does not have the rights of a person. She is the sum of all types of feminine slavery. Carole Pateman views prostitution as one of the most graphic examples of men’s domination of women (qtd. in Masson). Actually, prostitution is connected to a dark world of sex, abuse, and violence where the prostitutes are just the sex objects to fulfill illegal drives of males. Prostitution is actually an arrangement where a man in exchange of money reduce a woman to an image of being mere sexual object. So, the clients of the prostitutes abuse them as prostitution allows men to unconscionably oppress and coerce women in order to satisfy their own fantasies through prostitution: Men are in the position of dominance, demanding and getting what they want (Sarah Bromberg). On the other hand, in the Indo-Bangla society prostitution is considered immoral,

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