Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

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Imagine a school had to vote for their favorite video game. If majority of the school votes a specific game then they get to keep that game, but each class has different number of individuals so bigger classes count differently than the smaller ones. Therefore, if the bigger classes vote a specific video game they have a higher chance getting that game since their numbers are higher.

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This is how the electoral college works. As stated in Professor Beckerr’s lecture, in 1787, the founding fathers wanted to create a more reliable way for Americans to vote for presidency because they did not trust the popular vote- this led to creation of the electoral college. According to the article Electoral Vote vs Popular Vote by Diffen, the electoral college consists of several electors in each state that gather votes and whichever candidate gets 270, they win presidency. Even though the electoral college has a lot of debatable reasons why it should be reformed, it would be best that the electoral college gets abolished instead. By choosing to abolish the electoral college, we would be able to have more equitable elections over the next generations.

The electoral college may have a few pros and cons. First one pro is that no matter what year it is, the number to win is always 270 so not a lot of people can forget that when watching the elections. Second pro would be that since the census changes, so do the numbers of electors per state (Electoral Vote vs Popular Vote). So not only is it based on numbers, it evens itself out in states based on population. One con is that already we see that the electoral college creates favorites when it comes to states. In this case it means that the candidates would mostly focus certain states rather than the whole population in general. States such as California, New York, Florida, and Texas have immensely more electors than smaller states (Electoral Vote vs Popular Vote).

This creates an unfair advantage for the vast population since they have a smaller number of electors. For example, it would be unfair if one candidate can have more states but less electors and so they would lose anyway since they got the votes of the smaller states instead. Second con would be that not all parties are equally divided. The electoral college tends to lean more on the republic and democratic side rather than the third parties that are stated in the elections. Therefore, instead of having the electoral college the way it is, it should be eradicated, and the voting system should be changed so the majority would vote and have the same number as other states. This would create a winner takes all for every state instead of specific ones.

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