Project Management Discussion and Proposal

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Project idea

Palliative care in nursing refers to care provided to the patients of all ages with a life-threatening illness, or those with chronic illness. The care aims to provide the needed comfort to such patients as well as improving their life (Smith et al. 2012).

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In the United States, the greater part of the population is composed of the senior citizen who has one or more chronic diseases. Such patients require a continued care since aren’t able to carry out their daily needs. Patients with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney failure, congestive heart disease as well as cancer may need such kind of care (Wiener et al. 2015). Palliative care is an emerging area of nursing and is different from hospice care. It involves carrying out evidence-based approaches that are aimed at improving the needs as well as the health of such patients (Quill and Abernethy, 2013). Most medical students in the United States can undertake palliative care programs aimed enabling them to gain knowledge on how to take care of patients with various chronic as well as life-threatening illness.

In most healthcare organizations, systems aren’t put in place to ensure that new staff is educated on ways to carry out palliative care to different types of patients. Healthcare organization, therefore, need to initiate the compulsory education program aimed at educating new staff on ways to carry out palliative care to different types of patients (Van der Steen et al. 2014). This is critical in ensuring that this group of patients is provided with the needed care to improve their healthcare outcome (Gamondi et al. 2013). Additionally, it will ensure that such healthcare organizations can provide quality healthcare service to these groups of patients. Implementation of such program is an example of the evidence based approach that is mandated in improving the health outcome of these groups of patients.

Justification of project idea

In the United States, palliative care is well established in hospice and hospitals. Studies suggest that future work in this form of care need to develop quality metrics as well as enabling the creation of models that facilitate the provision of these services extensively (Lynch et al. 2013). With the rise of chronic illness as well as life-threatening conditions such as stroke and diseases of the heart, palliative care has become an important care that should be provided well (Maltoni et al. 2012). This is because patients suffering from this form of illness needs to take care of to live a quality life. With continued shortage of healthcare professionals in both the private and public healthcare systems in the United States,

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