Professionalism in Nursing

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When one sets their sights on nursing school, they should look towards having and acquiring skills of professionalism to be successful in the profession. According to the Nursing Practice Act (2017, P.11), Professionalism in nursing means to perform an act of specialized judgment and skills based on knowledge and applications of the principles…as acquired by completion of an approved school of professional nursing.” By being professional in these practices, one will become successful. As stated by Weinstein and Hess (2017, P.1),” successful nursing is based on relationships with patients, families, and healthcare members.” (P.1) Understanding and assessing the strengths and weakness I have in the profession of the nursing field will allow me to become a successful nurse.

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A professional nurse does various things while practicing in her field and caring for her patients. First and foremost a nurse must keep her patient’s privacy intact no matter what by knowing and following HIPAA. According to the Nursing Practice Act (2017, P.99), this is violated when disclosure of information of a personal nature where disclosure would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”

An example given by Lori Straus (2014, P.62) in her journal others may overhear patient information unless health professional talks in a softer voices when appropriate. Secondly, a nurse treats her patients with dignity and respect. Like it says in the Fundamentals of Nursing Care Concepts, Connection (2015, P.265) treat the patient, not the disease. You should also cover the patient whenever possible and only uncovering them when needed. Third, a nurse asks her patients question to get knowledge and understanding of what’s going on with a patient. As stated in Fundamentals of Nursing Care Concepts, Connection (2015, P.423) when interviewing a patient, a nurse asks questions like “personal identity, demographics, details of current condition, medical and social history??¦” Before and after care a nurse should broaden her horizons on how to treat her patients with respect and dignity on how to accommodate different lifestyles. While acquiring information from the patient she allows the patient to freely express themselves and confide in her. Lastly, a nurse educates and encourages patient, so they can be successful using the skills she taught them.

A weakness that I possess is,

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