Production Of Textile Fabrics Is The Purpose Business Essay

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The company is types of Functional Departmentalization, which is potential efficiency gains by having people who work in the same areas operating together, better co-ordination of each function, decision authority is centralized at the top of the organization. Product departmentalization, all of the activities surrounding a product group can be coordinated and supported, allow specialization within product groupings. Divisional design structure is based on the product departmentalization approach, the organization is divided into separate divisions often based around a product or type of service.

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Process departmentalization, jobs are grouped together on the basis of workflow, allows for efficient flow of process activities. Geographic departmentalisation are arranged based on the geographic area they exist in, can look after the unique needs of each geographic region more effectively and efficiently.


Mark (CEO) Chief Executive Officer, the most senior management is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of an enterprise, also known as the Chief Executive Officer. Decision-making, all of the company’s major operations of matters, including financial, operational direction, increase or decrease of business Participate in the decision-making of the Board of Directors, the implementation of the resolutions of the board of directors Presided over the company’s day-to-day business activities; Foreign contracts or processing business The appointment and removal of the company’s senior management; Business conditions six regularly report to the Board and to submit an annual report. The other responsibilities of the CEO can also establish, consolidate or change the corporate culture, team building, etc. Carl (Operations Manager) Planning, directing or coordinating the company or the activities of public and private sector operators. Responsibilities include formulating policies, managing daily activities, to plan the use of material and human resources. Responsible for the day-to-day management of the small business owners or managers Quality Control Manager Process inspection: OQC Finished products inspection: IQC Feed examination: IQC Factory inspection: OQC Research and Development Manager Research and development program to develop new products, the demonstration project feasibility; Monitor the progress and quality of the management of research and development work; Study of new product development, according to the requirements of customers in different areas, to come up with effective solutions.


a) Mark has been assigned a goal of ‘optimizing the production and improve the quality of the finished garments to the required level within six months. Has identified that the QC department is performing an excellent job with regards to identifying the quality issues during the production process. b) Management skills refers to the the managers exercise effective management functions required knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes. Technical skills Human skills conceptual skills Management skills c) 1). Refers to the familiar and proficient in the knowledge of a particular area of ​​expertise, such as engineering, computer science,

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