Procrastination: The Biggest Problem Of Generation

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Procrastination is one of the biggest problems in our generation and for students in higher education it is even worse. College students need to organize work, school, and family activities and any delaying behavior from within can cause a disturbance such as social media. This action is called procrastination and it can make issues in lots ways in a college students life.

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College students are most likely to have this kind of bad behavior because they have many different activities to focus on instead of studying or finishing up an assignment. These exercises can make college students consider when they have time which frequently is generally a too short measure of time. There are a period and place to unwind and appreciate life, yet on the off chance that college students center around playing around as opposed to completing their assignments, school life will be very stressful. While going to College students find it hard to deal with family, friends, and work. With most college students going down a dangerous path to procrastination that bad impact affects kids from their physical health, mental health, and social health which can be very detrimental.

For many college students, they still want a social life but they have everyday burdens and duties that they would like to maintain a strategic distance from as opposed to starting. For students that weight moves toward becoming anything identifying with school academics, from homework assignments to different projects due one week from now, or essays. Be that as it may, by not doing the time important to finish a task or to compose a well and intelligible article. There is a statement from the APA website it says Participation in the study adhered to APA ethical guidelines. Based on the literature, it was hypothesized that academic procrastination would significantly, inversely associate with academic self-efficacy, academic self-concept, and general self-esteem.(Farran)

Farran tells us about a study that was taken place in order to learn more about procrastination in college-level students he states that Academic procrastination has been portrayed as a negative and dangerous conduct for college students. Members who revealed higher Academic procrastination likewise detailed higher sadness and uneasiness, and more negative convictions about their worldwide self-esteem,

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