Procrastination Of 10 Grade Students

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1.1 Rationale

Students spend most of their time in school almost every day. Multiple tasks and activities are to be accomplished on a varied set time. These factors play a huge role when it comes to the students overall academic performance. Yet oftentimes, for some reasons there are either finished late or not accomplished at all. One of the reasons is procrastination.

According to the Merriam-Websterr’s Dictionary, to procrastinate means to put off habitually doing something that should be done. Procrastination has been experienced by people ever since for everyone delays work for later sometimes. It generally reflects perennial struggles with self-control as well as the general human inability to accurately predict how well feel tomorrow or the day after. All of us put things off some time or another and researchers have claimed that the problem can be particularly pronounced among students. Between 80 and 95 percent of college students procrastinate on their school work according to the American Psychological Association.

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This study will evaluate the causes and effects of procrastination particularly on Divine Life Institute of Cebur’s Grade 10 students. This is based on the claim that one often major concern amongst Grade 10 students are facing is procrastination. From this specific group of students, the researchers will determine their state and condition with the given task and activities: how they handle their productivity and time management, and the students academic performance will be analyzed as well.

To further elaborate the description of procrastination, the study will utilize Pier Steelr’s concept of procrastination. Piers Steel is a distinguished research chair at the University of Calgary, where he teaches human resources and organizational dynamics at the Haskayne School of Business. Pierr’s idea about procrastination will contribute as a support to this studies objective of determination the underlying reason of procrastination among students.

This study uses the qualitative method to acquire better understanding of the meaning and description of procrastination. The researchers will conduct an interview to the selected grade 10 students that are chosen randomly to avoid possible bias and obtain variety of data. These data will then be interpreted and reviewed while bringing the researchers own perspectives to its meaning and construct the utilized concept in its analysis.

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