Private Label Brands

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In China there are fewer studies of private label brands (PLB’s) that take up less market share than generic brands and national brands. However, there is a successful development of PLB’s in the UK. Therefore, this thesis aims to explore the difference of consumer perceptions on PLB’s between China and the UK with national brands as a standard.

The literature review will review theories like brand equity/image, PLB’s and double jeopardy; PLB’s development compared with national brands in China and the UK; the influencing factors of consumer purchase behaviour and previous researches of consumers’ perceptions about PLB’s in China and the UK. The main objective of this part is to ascertain the difference of consumer’s perceptions between PLB’s and national brands in the UK.

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Primary research will take the form of a non probability convenience sampling method to randomly select 200 members of the public from two shopping malls of Xidan and Wangfujing and several large-scale supermarkets in Beijing. Questionnaires will be used for data collection, and data is analysed by Snap statistical programme.

The finding shows that there is a significant difference of PLB’s perception between China and the UK. Before the evaluation of brand image, the awareness of PLB’s in China is understood and just less than half of respondents know the own-label biscuits. With reference to the literature reviewed on consumer perception in the UK, it can get the result that Chinese PLB’s are perceived lower than British PLB’s on the all attributes except “cheap” and “good value”.

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1The topic of research

The aim of this thesis is to better investigate how private label brands (PLB’s) are perceived by consumers in China, and compare it with the UK’s.

1.2 Principle research question

To understand how Chinese consumers’ perceptions of private label brands differ from the UK’s.

1.3 Overall research objective

The primary purpose for this research is to discover the main difference of consumers’ assessment of private label brands between China and the UK. This thesis will explore if there are significant differences between Chinese consumers’ evaluation on PLB’s and the UK’s, and analyse the relevant factors that cause the distinctness of consumers’ evaluation roundly on the basis of prior research in this subject scope.

1.4 Individual research objectives

In order to achieve the principle objective of this study, it will intend to fulfil the following objectives:

— To identify the actual development of PLB’s in China and the UK

— To establish the influence factors of consumer purchase behaviour in China and the UK

— To determine consumers’

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