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Prison term Policy Recommendation Prison Term Policy Recommendation As a Criminologist Advisor to a member of State Legislature, I have been chosen to provide a prison term policy on armed robbery. Soon, the legislature will be voting on a bill that would double the maximum prison term for anyone who is convicted of armed robbery. Included is a recommendation on this policy and the reasons why the recommendations were chosen. Before I go in great details on the pros and con, I would like to define what the legal term for armed robbery is. Armed robbery is an aggravated form of robbery in which the defendant is armed with a dangerous weapon, though it is not necessary to prove that he used the weapon to effectuate the robbery. The legislature will be voting on the change in the prison term on armed robbery. There are cons and pros to this new policy. There are at least two cons if this bill is passed. First of all, if the prison term is doubled, it will cost a lot of tax money. Second of all, according to statistic, people who commit crimes have one thing in common; they think they will not get caught committing crimes. Lastly, prisons are already overcrowded due to the number of inmates who have committed minor offenses, doubling the sentence will add to this problem. On the other hand, there are at least three pros if this bill is passed. First of all, if the rate of arm robbery is reducing, the citizen will feel more secure. Second of all, if this prison term is double, it will keep the ex-convicted from committing the same crime over and over again. Lastly, if we can reduce the rate of armed robbery, we can reduce the people financial and mental lost. I would like to go in more details on the pros and cons before I recommend an action.

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