Objectives Of The United Nations International

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The united nation is an international organization that was formed in the year 1945 that was immediately after the World War II, as a replacement to the League of Nations, which had experienced a great reduction of its influence in Europe. The United Nations was formed as an organization that would provide a stage for dialogue between the warring countries that was being experienced in the world at that moment. The United Nations has a variety of subsidiary organizations that have helped the organization to be more important that the League of Nations that only served the European countries.

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1. What are the primary goals and objectives of the United Nations and to what extent has the United Nations has been able to achieve its objectives?

The United Nations was formed in order to fulfill certain goals and objectives; one of the goals of the United Nations was to ensure that there is a law and order in the world, this is by providing all its member countries with international law, this implies that the conflicting member country’s will be in a position of to be heard in the international law courts that is a subsidiary of the united nations that helps in restoring justice in the entire world (UN News Center paragraph 2). The other goal of the United Nations is to provide human rights and human assistance this is by providing relief food and help to the people that are in war-torn regions, this may include the Internally Displaced People (IDPs), refugees in camps and civilians in warring countries, they presence of the united nations is felt when the organization give the refugees in countries like Sudan, Ivory coast, Palestine and other countries which are facing ethnic wars with food and water with the aim of relieving the suffering people from hostile treatment, and in the process the organization will have highlighted on the problems that are being faced by the people and will have addressed them this is by providing the people with the basic needs. The organization other goal is to provide international security, this is when the organization mobilizes its members to supply it with soldiers that will be deployed to regions where the civilians are subjected to constant attacks by the rebels who are against the government of the country, the organization also provides international security this is when the organization monitors the activities of illegal criminal groups and terrorist groups, and in the process the united nations deals with these groups by devising on ways that aim at stopping there actions. United Nations has the goal of facilitating international social and economic development; this is when the organization is involved in the initiation of projects and at the same time funds them,

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