Primark Sustainability

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On April 24, 2013 in Dhaka Suburb which is a place in Savar, Bangladesh had an eight-story factory building collapse. 1,135 people were killed because this building was built on supposedly swampy unstable grounds combined with routine safety checks from the owner or the brands who sourced from them. This factory offered Western and other global companies duty-free access and low wages to its workers.

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You would think with this market emerging in Bangladesh, $28 billion a year to be e that they have still continued to support and aid their workers in Bangladesh. They have given out more than $14 million in aid and have worked with NGO’s to make a positive change in their line of work and in the world. Primark was the number one company that provided more aid than any other company that was directly involved in the Rana Building collapse. [O’Connor, Clare. Forbes] Here are some of Primark’s long term practices for their factories; long term compensation for workers and their dependents to their suppliers, provide financial education, and they have implemented programs with Bangladesh based NGO SHEVA and Dhaka University to teach how to invest to their factory employees. This collapse has sparked a train effect in the industry. The Bangladesh Accord has created a binding contract to push toward a safer garment industry in Bangladesh.


Who are they? What do they do? NGO SHEVA was created in 1991 to empower women. They help women with employment in Bangladesh which then would improve their status economically as well as their living conditions. They are strongly focused on women in the workforce in garment factories since this industry has risen in Bangladesh.

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