Preserving the Endangered Species

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How would the world react to a certain kind of animal dying out or going extinct? Would the world be better off without them or have a drastic change to the environment? Animals have an important role to the part of the life works. Many of the species produce things that are essential to the people live. In fact, one of the reasons the endangered species are depleting is because the human race.

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People use animals as art, clothing items, decorations, and jewelry. Endangered animals helps keep the ecosystem and population under control. Endangered animals must be protected because of extinction, environmental change, and their importance to sustain life.

The first reason that endangered animals should be protected is because of change the environment due to their lifestyle. Animals, depending on where they are, can actually change the way things work like plants or other organisms that may be there. For example, bees can change the way a person’s garden may look due to pollination. Not all animals may change the way their land looks. But evolve themselves into an animal that the land may need to keep its shape or style. The environment cannot keeps its way if the people of that place or people who are coming for resources destroying the animals homeland. The animals will not have a place to live and reproduce if people keep tearing down their home. The use of things being taken such as trees, rocks, rich soil, or other essentials pertaining the animals lifestyle will decrease the animals population. Not just humans, animals. Animals that lived on after the predator has died population has grown.

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