Prediction of Corrosion Rate

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Prediction of Corrosion Rate and Its Affecting Factors on Surface Casing


Corrosion is a physicochemical phenomenon affected by multiple factors. The effect of these factors on corrosion depends on their concentrations and interactions with each other. It is not possible to establish a direct one to one relationship between the values of a single parameter and the corrosion rate while neglecting other parameters.

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This requires calculation that considers interactions of different parameters with each other as well as their effect on the corrosion rate. As the impact of each parameter value on corrosion rate, considering value of other parameters, cannot be expressed with a simple equation, it is not possible to accurately and confidently generalize the effects of change in each parameter on the corrosion rate over an entire domain.

Surface casing of the wells can cause serious hazards and possible blowout as a result of early corrosion. In different areas in the world, surface casing collapses as a result of downhole corrosion, casing cracking, and rupture under high-pressure-corrosion. Surface casings or conductor pipes cannot be excavated deep for repair because of safety concerns. Corrosion problems of the surface casing result from non-fined manufactured joints, presence of salt water in some formation beds, and the cement section that isolates formation from the casing. In the shallow part of the casing, corrosion can result from either local or areal electrochemical reaction.


CO2 Corrosion, Surface Casing, Corrosion Rate, NORSOK M-506.


List of Symbols

A – the cross sectional area in m2

B(index) – the constant used in viscosity calculations

C(index) – the concentration of component

CRT – the corrosion rate at temperature T in mm/year

D – the pipe diameter in mm

FH2O – the water mass flow in humidity calculations

Ftot – the total mass flow in humidity calculations

K(index) – the equilibrium constant used in pH calculations

KSP – the equilibrium constant of iron carbonate

KT – the constant for the temperature T used in corrosion rate calculations

LTR – Linear Polarization Resistance

OCTG – Oil Country Tubular Goods

P – the total system pressure in bar

QG – the volumetric flow of gas in MSm3/d

QL – the volumetric flow of liquid (i.e. liquid hydrocarbons and water) in Sm3/d

R – μw/μo

Re – the Reynolds number

S – the wall shear stress in Pa

T – the temperature given in Kelvin.

Tc – the temperature given in °C

Tf – the temperature given in °F

Tstd –

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