Practices of agile methods

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This paper describes the practices of agile methods from the viewpoint of project management.

The project management techniques are complex processes that require the understanding and coordination of several domains of knowledge.

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As more and more software projects engage Agile Methods, there are emerging patterns of success and failure. With growing adoption of Agile Methods, project managers increasingly need to understand the applicability to their projects and factors that drive key project performance characteristics.

Agile Methods have advantages, especially in accommodating change due to volatile requirements. However, they also present concomitant risks with managing the many dependent pieces of work distributed across a large project.

The paper is divided into four parts. In the first part an overview of the project management and its processes and knowledge areas discussed. after that the agile methods discussed following with a short history of RAD(We should mention that just three most used and famous methodologies are discussed).

In the second part the project management approaches and a brief definition of each approach are given.

In the third part we looked at the agile methodologies from project management areas view such as cost, time, quality and risk management and we compared agile methodologies and we explained their advantages and disadvantages.

In the fourth part we discussed about combination of agile methodologies and their utilization in large and complex projects.

And finally we propose our own idea about the future of project management in agile methods.

Keywords Project Management, Rapid Development Methodologies, Agile Project Management, History of RAD, Project management approaches, Agile Performance Measurement, Investment and Risk, Agile Enterprise Framework, Agile Methodology Fit


What is Project?

  • A human activity that achieves a clear objective against a time scale
  • “A project is a one-shot, time-limited, goal-directed, major undertaking, requiring the commitment of varied skills and resources”.

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. A project is temporary in that there is a defined start (the decision to proceed) and a defined end (the achievement of the goals and objectives). Ongoing business or maintenance operations are not projects. Energy conservation projects and process improvement efforts that result in better business processes or more efficient operations can be defined as projects. Projects usually include constraints and risks regarding cost, schedule or performance outcome.

What is Project Management?

Many have attempted to define project management. One example, Oisen,3 referencing views from the 1950’s, may have been one of the early attempts. Project Management is the application of a collection of tools and techniques (such as the CPM and matrix organization) to direct the use of diverse resources toward the accomplishment of a unique,

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