Practices in another Culture

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At one point or another, each one of us has encountered various instances which are intertwined with cultural differences. Cultural differences or practices in another different culture have often led to the rise of misunderstandings and difficulties in personal relations. Culture is one strong perspective which has a lot of impact towards our day to day life since it determines how we partake our activities.

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Our views towards life, our loyalties, as well as our emotions are highly attached to our culture. However, it is so that building and generating relationships will always enable us to understand and interpret other cultures apart from those which we uphold. Differences in culture occur due to various aspects, for instance, the background at which one is raised and brought up in will determine his or her cultural practices. Individual experiences, family, and other attached practices are among those which lead to there being of differences in our cultural practices. Such differences will always affect our understanding, our beliefs, as well as our ways of relating to those surrounding us. Despite the fact that difference in cultures may end up causing harm to the society, it is also one of the most preferred means which gives us recognition in any area where one may inhabit. One’s culture is one significant characteristic since it assists us in building a firm foundation in determining the kind of a person to be since it covers the entire life of one’s existence.

It is so that if culture is not well understood, there may erupt great differences between humanity. In orders to interpret practices in others culture, one should be in a position to understand the individual, national, and structural culture of the specific group you intend to interact with. In order to mingle or understand practices in other people’s culture, one must identify the most vital key factors of the same culture (Cranmer, 1995, p. 60-67). The high, as well as the low context culture, was once introduced by Edward T. Hall who was an anthropologist. Such a theory assists us in understanding the great impact which culture holds towards communication. The critical cultural dimensions are entailed in this particular theory; Hall explains context as the circumstances which surround a particular message or event. Therefore the low or high context involves the external factors which surround a particular culture and may differ depending on the area or background of the participants. For the low context ideas are always outspoken, and in most cases, they are always straightforward, explanations should also come along with explanation and taking issues for granted rarely occurs. On the other hand, the high context culture, interpersonal cultures will be emphasized. People belonging to such cultures are less administered by either their institutions as well as their feelings.

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