Power Corruption in “Animal Farm”

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The idea Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely is proven to be true in George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, through a number of dishonorable actions made by the leaders of the farm, Napoleon and Snowball. The animals on Manor Farm rebel by overthrowing their human caretakers, creating all new standards of living, and eventually learning the true intentions of their fellow comrades. The rebellion, manipulation, and dictatorship that takes place throughout the novel is a portrayal of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

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Orwell uses symbolism to compare the animals on the farm to the people revolting during the Russian Revolution to show how a moral government can quickly become corrupt through possession of absolute power.

The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a pair of two revolutions, the first took place in February and the second in October, which overthrew the government and placed someone new in power due to mistreatment of the people and corruption of the government. Orwell focuses Animal Farm on the corruption and rebellion that takes place during the Russian Revolution as a comparison to portray how power and government can turn corrupt when in the hands of one person.

Power on Manor Farm, before the rebellion took place, was totally in the hands of the humans who owned the farm. The humans in charge of the farm had absolute power in which they would make the animals work hard days in order to produce and later take the production of the animals for their own use. Mr.Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, runs the farm with no regard for the animals there and treats them as if their lives are not important. For instance, the animals are never fed, are slaughtered, no animal gets to die naturally, and every animal family is broken up by sale of the young: And even the miserable lives we lead are not allowed to reach their natural span. For myself I do not grumble, for I am one of the lucky ones such is the natural life of a pig. But no animal escapes the cruel knife in the end (Orwell 10). The animals have finally had enough of the way they have been treated and decide to come together in an effort to overthrow Jones and take the farm into their own hands.

All of the animals on the farm come together in a meeting called by the respected and oldest pig Old Major to discuss the rebellion against the humans.

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