Power and Politics In 1984

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George Orwell’s 1984 is a novel of social science fiction that was written in 1949. Notably, the book talks of a totalitarian super state known as Oceania that will come to control the world. The author describes Oceania as a state that was controlled by an arrogant government that concentrated more on manipulating the way of life of the citizens, affecting the people’s lives adversely.

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Additionally, Orwell states that the people in Oceania were strictly governed by influential leaders, who expected the citizens to submit to their authority completely. The essay will explore the theme of power and politic more profoundly and analyze how elements of the totalitarian system he writes against manifest in our world today.

It is evident that the state described in the novel has some striking similarities to our current government. The way of life the government of Oceania had adopted is not too far off to the world we live on a daily basis. For instance, the author shows how deteriorated the standard of living of the people in Oceania was, yet their dictatorship government made the people to believe that their living standard was better than others and to ensure that they received to contradicting information the government blocked information from other regions. The author shows how citizens were brainwashed into believing in a reality that never existed, despite that anyone who tried to oppose the government received harsh punishment and in some instances, one was sentenced to death. Additionally, people were imprisoned for giving their opinions. Similarly, in today’s world, the government is in control of everyone, for instance, spying is out of control, from Facebook to Net Neutrality. Additionally, NSA spying is depriving citizens the privacy to emails, text messages and phone calls (“NPR Choice Page”). Also, free speech is under attack. A government that is entirely in control of not providing citizens the freedom to privacy is similar to a government that brainwashes its citizen to only accessing what the government wants.

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