Poverty in The United States

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The purpose of this paper is to highlight a critical issue in the United States. This is of grave concern for not only the American government, but for all the citizens in the country. Poverty is a detriment to our country and to its people that we need to make all aware of.

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When I think of poverty I think of children and Homeless Veterans going hungry. This paper on poverty will also assist in examining sociological theories and social concepts that pertain to the topic in question and will help provide a better view and meaning for the understanding of poverty.

A look into American Poverty.

Poverty, what is it? Poverty is the state of being impecunious and unable to support oneself and or family in a financial supportive fashion. Poverty can have many social impacts in regard to families, social status’s, and or educational impacts on the children involved in the poverty based home. I personally believe that poverty has always been around in the United States in one way or another throughout our country’s wonderful history. Poverty also can be found throughout the world when we look at other country’s such as England, Russia, and especially North Korea.

Poverty in the United states has been steady due to the lack of willingness to pursue stronger careers, education and or fields that offer career growth. Many Americans return to work after having failed paths, careers or financial distress, but when they choose to return to work most American’s choose the wrong career and or field of work with sub-par financial support structuring to meet their financial obligation.

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