Poverty in Philadelphia

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The most important element in human life is the provision of basic needs. A state in life where an individual lack food, shelter, and clothing automatically defines poverty. Nobody wants to be referred to as poor, and therefore the government, non-governmental bodies, and volunteers are doing what they can to eradicate this unwanted state of lacking.

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There are demerits that are associated with poverty such as unable to settle bills. It is good to acknowledge that this phenomenon occurs everywhere in the world, and therefore not even one country is an exemption. This essay focuses on Philadelphia, a city which is among the poorest in the United States and analyzes the problem experienced in the city and gives the sustainable solution to eradicate poverty.

Poverty in Philadelphia did not come by its own, there were factors or system that influenced the city towards this destitution state. The surprising thing about this city is that the level of poverty is significantly increasing. A comparison between 1970 to this day is that poverty level doubled. This shows that something terrible might be happening. Nevertheless, the government and other systems can be blamed for not taking the initiatives to deal with the problem. Proposals to solve the problems have been given, but change is yet to be seen.

Any city relies much on people because they are a resource that keeps the economy moving forward. Companies, organizations and other business need a skillful individual to work, but in the case of this city, this is a challenge. A significant number of people have found their way out of the city; more than 430,000 are estimated to leave. Suppose they had stayed, the poverty level would have dropped significantly.

The city experience’s opioid crisis and many of the young and strong people have been swept away until there no more. Drugs only benefit a few but distort the life of many, and thus it is a poverty catalyst. The use of drugs is addictive to the user, and one has to keep using it to satisfy the desire.

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