Poverty in America

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Poverty in America, a way of life for many, Including children and adults of all ages, races, and genders, But how do people live in poverty? A simple answer really, they do not. Many who live in poverty are living in a state of constant struggle, a state of hunger and in need of assistance, that is often not provided to the extent that is should be. Many people who live in poverty do not get enough food that one needs to survive, this leads to a high mortality rate in the areas where poverty is prominent.

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In these areas it is also a lot harder for kids to get good education that will benefit them in life, since schools are run by tax money, schools in areas with higher poverty rates do not have the same opportunities as students in the higher classes. It is also much harder for people who live in poverty to get a stable job, this leads to a low income which especially makes it a lot harder for families trying to get by. Few educational options, a high mortality rate, and low incomes cause poverty to be a difficult obstacle to overcome. Background Research In 1957 about one-fifth of the children in the United States were in families that had low incomes.(Epstein 12). That means that approximately 14.84 million children live in poverty in the United States. 14.84 million children who have to fight daily to eat a proper meal and to get a proper education. Many of these children experience delays later on in life and education, Poor children suffer from emotional and behavioral problems more frequently than do non poor children. (Brooks-Gunn and Duncan 62). These types of problems lead to much greater hardships in one’s life, growing up in poverty can also affect one’s psychological health, and it is known to cause short term spatial memory. How does poverty affect ones educational life? Poverty can lead to a child bullying others or getting bullied themselves.

According to Patrice Engle and Maureen Black, Several macro-level interventions to examine the effects of reducing poverty on children’s academic achievement have been evaluated. Initial findings from income supplementation and residential relocation programs appeared promising. There are certain things that may be able to semi-fix the situation such as the experiment where there taking kids from certain parts of the town and sending them to seperate schools,

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