Poverty: Hunger and Health

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Hunger is a feeling that usually we felt if our body need food to eat in order to recharge our energy. Hunger in scientific is it control of our part of brain called thalamus which is it stimulated our body to feel hungry whenever we need it. In dictionary, describes that hunger is the painful sensation or weakness caused by need of food. Which it will make some of people become irritable, shaky, or disoriented if they are not fed at their usual mealtime. Hunger issues are causes by many factor, we can categorize it as two which is environmental and physiological causes. For environmental issue, hunger can also define as social events. For example poor environment, emotional states which include stress, being near food or scheduling meals or forget his last time meals. The second categorize that causes hunger is physiological, which this categorized as hunger need for energy which is we need to take more energy for body to work well, having imbalance hormone, genetic causes and biological damage which is damage part of our body that regulate hunger. The statistics show that almost 11.3% in our world today are hungry.

Poverty is of the cause of hunger. This causes of hunger is related to poverty which include of poor people’s are lack of resources and extremely unequal income distribution and hunger itself. This poverty issues is the severe lack of certain possession which is it reduce the quality of the person’s life. This group of people is struggling to complete their basic need including having limited foods, clothing, health care, education, shelter and safety. This can be affected by nation’s lack of social, political issues environment support by legislation, a corrupt government, poor judicial system or material income and availability of resource is limited. For example a country which is the most poverty that had been world recorded due having the lowest GDP in world is Central African Republic with $636. The main point is the political violence shattered their already volatile economy

Health issue is occur when normal metabolism in our body failed function or altered due to another health problem which is considered as disease. There are many causes of health issues which could be inheriting the disease causing gens from their parents. For example the one of the most common inherit genes from their family are thalassemia, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Next is health issues including from lifestyle. Our lifestyle is from our everyday habits, behavior and functions in our jobs, activities, fun and diet itself. This health issues had diagnosed and effective treatment to the patient depending on his needs of metabolism to return back to normal. A research found that people living in or near poverty have disproportionately worse health outcomes and less access to health care than those who do not.

Although it is the different issues, it is actually have the relation that we are actually relies in our world right now. Hunger,

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