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Positioning Strategies

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POSITIONING STRATEGIES Positioning refers to creating a favourable image in the mind of the customers so that they perceive the product or a service to be better than that of its competitors. It is also occupying the mind, heart, body and wallet space of customers in the selected target market segment through differential advantage higher than rivals in an irreplaceable way by converting differential advantage into sustainable differential advantage. Positioning is not so much what a product actually is but rather how the company wants its target customers to perceive it.

A company can choose from a number of different strategies. DIFFERENT POSITIONING STRATEGIES 1) Positioning by Attribute:- Associating a product with a particular feature. (i) ACE : “Small is Big. ” (ii) Pril : “Pril clean. Full clean. ” (iii) (iv) Positioning by Benefits:- Associating a product with a special customer benefit. (i) SERVO : “100% PERFORMANCE. EVERY TIME. ” (ii) Angel Broking : “Service Truly Personalised” (iii) Pepsodent G : “MAKES GUMS HEALTHIER. FIGHTS GERM LONGER. ” (v) Positioning by Use or Application:-

Associating a product with a specific use or particular application. (i) Surf Excel : “Surf Excel hena! ” (ii) Clinic All Clear : “Dare to wear Black” (iii) (vi) Positioning by User:- Associating a product with a user or a class of user. (i) BREITLING : “INSTRUMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALS” (ii) Raymond : “The Complete Man” (iii) Palio Stile : “The Fiat of the new generation” (vii) Positioning by Competitor:- Identifying a prouct by using a competitor as reference. (i) IIFL : “KNOWLEDGE IS THE EDGE” ii) (viii) Positioning by Product Category:- Positioning the product against other products that, while not exactly the same, provide the same class of benefits. (i) Mercedes-Benz: “The best or nothing. ” (ix) Positioning by Quality and Price:- Positioning by price and quality can be done in two ways:- One way to do it is with ads that reflect the image of a high-quality brand where cost, while not irrelevant, is considered secondary to the quality benefits derived from using the brand.

Premium brands positioned at the high end of the market use this approach to positioning Another way to use price/ quality characteristics for positioning is to focus on the quality or value offered by the brand at a very competitive price. Although price is an important consideration, the product quality must be comparable to, or even better than, competing brands for the positioning strategy to be effective. (i) Parle Bisleri: “Bada Bisleri, same price” (ii) CAMRY: “Beyond excellence” (iii) BIG BAZAAR: “Is se sasta aur accha aur kahin nahi! ”

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