Position Paper Shell And Csr Business Essay

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This position paper will be based on Shell Company and it will address the issue of CSR. Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with around 101,000 employees in more than 90 countries and territories. Its headquarters are in The Hague, the Netherlands, and its Chief Executive Officer is Peter Voser. The parent company of the Shell group is Royal Dutch Shell plc, which is incorporated in England and Wales.

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Its strategy seeks to reinforce its position as a leader in the oil and gas industry in order to provide a competitive shareholder return while helping to meet global energy demand in a responsible way. Shell defines its aim as “to meet the energy needs of society, in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future.” Shell was one of the pioneers in the movement for Corporate Social Responsibility. The company says it is committed to sustainable development and human rights: “Our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people define how we work. These values have been embodied for more than 25 years in our Business Principles, which since 1997 have included a commitment to support human rights and to contribute to sustainable development.” However, this paper will show to what extent Shell has failed in the past and how due to aggressive consumerism it is trying to be more CSR conscious but it is still lagging behind. The phrase Corporate Social Responsibility was put forward in 1953Â with the publication of Bowen’s ‘Social Responsibility of Businessmen’, which posed the question ‘what responsibilities to society can business people be reasonably expected to assume?’. This subject was expanded in the 1960s, suggesting that beyond legal obligations companies had certain responsibilities to society.


Petroleum, like all fossil fuels, mainly consists of a complex mixture of molecules called hydrocarbons. When it comes out of the ground, it is known as crude oil, and it may have various gases, solids, and trace minerals mixed in with it. Through refinement processes, a variety of consumer products can be made from petroleum. Most of these are fuels: gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, and propane. It is also used to make asphalt and lubricant grease, and it is a raw material for synthetic chemicals. Chemicals and materials derived from petroleum products include plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, paints, solvents, refrigerants, cleaning fluids, detergents, antifreeze, and synthetic fibers. The modern petroleum industry began in 1859 in Pennsylvania, when a man named Edwin L. Drake constructed the first oil well, a facility for extracting petroleum from natural deposits. Since then, petroleum has become a valuable commodity in industrialized parts of the world, and oil companies actively search for petroleum deposits and build large oil extraction facilities.

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