Written Communication in Criminal Justice

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Law Enforcement Reporting & Recording Writing Importance Scenarios 1-4 September 15, 2010 Week 1 By ???????? Prepared for ???????? Importance of Written Communication in Criminal Justice A Criminal Justice career can be greatly enhanced with good written communication skills for the following reasons: one reason is that it is important that our written documentation and reports are clearly stated for interpretation. The well written report or document provides the audience with the ability to immediately interpret the full message. Why is it important to be motivated to be a good writer? Being motivated to write well is the basis of good communication and to be able to write properly will help with expressing your ideas and thoughts more clearly. In the first scenario the police chief clearly praises the new police officer on his detailed investigative prowess, however that’s is all that became of his praises there was no written accommodations or as stated in the scenario “atta boys” nor where any letters of appreciation on the new officers investigative efforts. Clearly the police chief failed to properly acknowledge the officers achievements, this failure on the part of the police chief could have made a difference with the nomination for the distinguished service award. In the second scenario the police officer greatly lost all her chances of getting the sergeant position due to her poor writing skills, if she would have requested someone to review all of the contents of her resume the officer may have had a better chance at getting the new sergeant position that she so dearly felt she deserved. However if the officer had learned good writing skills, grammar and was better disorganized she would have had a much better chance at the position. In the third scenario the captain that boasted his experience verbally to his superiors the police chief and the mayor,

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