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The Cybercrime Convention and the Criminalisation of Child Pornography Related Crimes


INTRODUCTION: The use of computers as an instrument to commit crimes is in the increase in this modern age. It is very easy for one to possess and access child pornographic material, particularly through the use of the internet. The... [ view article ]

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A Problem Paper on Police Searches and Child Pornography


Short Paper #2 Dr. Green’s home was searched by the police after a judge issued a valid warrant because he was suspected of stealing new university material. While the police conducted their search they found 200 sexually explicit videos and... [ view article ]

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Regulation of pornography

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“The legal regulation of pornography in the 21 st century in the United Kingdom” Abstract: Pornography accompanied humanity for a long time though the expressions of pornography vary with time and technological progress. Previously, the pornography industry was concentrating mainly... [ view article ]

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