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Fiscal Policy of Pakistan 2000-2007

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Abstract Pakistan’s socio-political front has always been a cause of limelight, be it due to changing political scenarios or implementation, enactment or revival of new economic policies. This report is an overview of the fiscal policy of Pakistan from the... [ view article ]

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World Government

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‘World government’ refers to the idea of all humankind united under one common political authority. I believe it is logical to say that this delicate situation has yet to happen in this current world but it is arguable that it... [ view article ]

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What Are the Benefits of Strategy Planning?


What Are the Benefits of Strategy Planning? The benefits of strategic planning can include: •Identification of breakthrough strategies, products and operational improvements •A clear road map is that is understood and passionately supported •Resources that are allocated as appropriate on... [ view article ]

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European Essay Example for College Students


A Case Study of a Narrow Definition of Europe "Europeis ringed - from Kalingrad in the North, to the Caucasus and Central Asia, tothe Balkans - by an arc of danger and instability." (EU Commissioner forexternal realtions Christopher Patten, July... [ view article ]

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International Law and Politics and Collective Security


International Law and Politics In the 20th century, the hope that international organisation to safeguard the peace and security by preventing war or failing that, to defend States which subjected to armed attack in an organised and collective manner is... [ view article ]

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