Political Parties and Philosophies

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Political parties were formed due to the contradicting views and opinions of many individuals. One party believed the government should be small and conservative while the opposing party believed the government should be large and liberal. Thomas Jefferson had his Democratic-Republican views and believed states and people should have the power. Alexander Hamilton had his views and believed the federal government should have the power and not the state/people.

Thomas Jefferson had many political philosophies and beliefs while he was in his presidential period that include many that later on change. While Jefferson was in office, he defined his presidency by creating a modern path for the country. He wanted the country to be renewed in his views of how the world should be. He also elected new cabinet members due to the fact the ones there before were made up of the opposing political party. Thomas wanted his cabinet members to be people from his own political party that shared the same philosophies and beliefs he had.

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Jeffersonian was an idea created by Thomas Jefferson as a modest idea of our world. This Jeffersonian idea was created to believe in the power of education in the country. He believed education was one of the most important aspects in life. He also never believed the presidency was of great importance but thought that of education. Jefferson once said, he believed that in a republic every individual needs to be educated up to his or her capacity(20). Education was one of Jefferson’s many philosophies in his presidency. He did not believe practical arts were as important as education it self and political theories. Jefferson believed education was the solution for all difficulties or challenges, also known as panacea.

Thomas Jefferson watched the state capital be constructed and built on one the seven hills located in Richmond, Virginia. While observing this extraordinary construction, Jefferson wrote, be worthy of being exhibited alongside the most celebrated remains of antiquity. He believed the construction of the state capital was one of the greatest celebrated events in Virginia.

His political party was the Anti-federalists or also known as the Democratic-Republicans at this point in time. The Anti-federalist’s opposed the Constitution and lacked a Bill of Rights. Along with those they also believed in having a strong tyrannical center of power. The Democratic-Republican side believed in agrarian economy and rural areas like the south and west. They also wanted a small central government like the Anti-federalist. Democratic-Republicans wanted states to hold the power and not the federal government.

Jefferson had a plan when he went into his presidency of five things he wanted to bring attention to and change while he was in office. First of the five items was abolishing all internal tax then he would cut government staff.

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