Political Corruption

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In the present day and age, corruption has ceased to shock people. Even when Ministers and Bureaucrats are detected engaging in malpractices, they go scot- free due to the reach of their offices and influence they exercise. If anything is done at all, they are given transfers which offer no solution to the problem at all.

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As long as corruption fails to be legally, morally and socially censured, there exists no hope eradicating it from our nation or even reducing its grip on it. Realistically speaking, it may be impossible to extirpate corruption from the system however, it ought to be curbed and kept in check, at least moderately. To truly answer the question whether it is possible to contain corruption in our Indian society, it is necessary to understand that although many of the leaders come into power upon making determined promises to eradicate corruption from India, they themselves end up succumbing to the system and become thoroughly corrupt in order to amass immense wealth. For instance, when the Communist government came to power in West Bengal in 1977, it promised to rid the State of corruption in a matter of few years. But most of the leaders were accused of corruption, so much so that, one politburo member, who at one time served as the Chief Minister of Tripura, was expelled from the party in the middle of April in 1995 just because he had accused a highly placed politician in the party of nepotism and being personally corrupt. When Rajiv Gandhi was elected to the Prime Minister’s Office in 1984, he too declared war on corruption but soon he himself was victimized due to the Bofors payoff scandal. Thus, corruption has become institutionalized in the present day. The following existing myths regarding corruption must be expelled to effectively combat corruption:

  1. Corruption has become a way of life and nothing can be done to eradicate it[1];
  2. Post- independence, an abundance of freedom and license bestowed on the people of the democracy caused corruption to gain momentum[2];or that
  3. Poor people of underdeveloped countries are easy targets of temptation due to their dishonesty while citizens of developed countries are more morally upright[3]; or that
  4. Corruption is rampant only at the subordinate levels of offices[4]; or that
  5. Illiterate people are more corrupt than the educated people[5]; or that
  6. Politicians are mainly responsible for the spread of corruption[6].

All these fallacies have to be guarded against while planning measures to contain corruption. To reduce corruption at all levels, the following might be considered as necessary measures and methods: 1. Law,

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