Policy Making and Poverty

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It is evident that a large population in the United States of America still lives in poverty despite the fact that this country has one of the most stable economies across the globe. Those living in poverty experience hardships that are mainly seen via the deprivation of material possessions. The aspect of poverty does not spare either the old or the young ones.

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From this aspect, childhood poverty has also been prevalent over the years. Childhood poverty, in this case, applies to situations where children are brought up in conditions that deny those stable homes, quality education, and sufficient nutrition. Most of the adults living in poverty are faced by conditions such as lack of skills required for them in order to be termed productive. Moreover, adults living in poverty lack adequate academic qualifications, which causes them to have limited wages. The problem of poverty has led to a situation where people have to forego essential aspects such as healthcare in favor of meeting their basic needs. Statistics indicate that fifteen percent of Americans are living in poverty. This percentage translates to approximately fifteen million children and thirty million adults. This number of people living in poverty cannot be taken for granted since this country has one of the most stable economies across the globe. Additionally, these poverty levels do not only affect the poor, but also affects the stability of the American economy.

According to (Ferman, Louis, Joyce, Kornbluh, and Alan, 116-133) poverty is a problem that can only be overcome via the development of effective policies to tame it. It is also expected that poverty levels in the USA will become extensive under the current administration. This is a clear indicator that the USA government has failed to develop adequate and effective policies that can be used to fight poverty. This means that due to the lack of proper policies most of the Americans will still not be able to enjoy the American dream and also the pursuit of happiness. The declaration of independence was based on the aspect of the American dream and the pursuit of happiness. However, over the years, this statement still remains to be a dream. The real reason as to why the United States of America has failed to address poverty is due to poor planning and the lack of adequate policies to handle this problem. The federal government has failed to come up with incentives and strategies needed to make the USA economy stronger. Instead, the government has been focused on maintaining its status quo of becoming the world’s leading economy. In order to reduce poverty, the federal government should work towards ensuring that it puts effective plans in place. In this case, the government should try and focus on aspects such as minimum wage. Minimum wage policies involve looking into aspects such as regulating the labor market.

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