Police Powers of Arrest

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Police Powers of Arrest and Detention of Offenders Satisfactory The first police power I will evaluate is the power that custody officers have over detainees. When a police officer arrests someone they will have their reasons for doing so and will have seen or heard what the person has done. Though, when he brings him to the police station the custody officer will see whether the constable has detained the person correctly or not.

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He will look into what the detainee has done more thoroughly and give his own verdict on whether he should have been arrested or not. Because the custody officer was not present at the scene or may not have received a first-hand report of the incident he cannot give a biased judgment and as such would work towards having a third party verdict of the detainee’s guilt or innocence. You could almost say that it is the equivalent of getting a second opinion on a specific case or topic in question. It can be both beneficial to the police as well as the detainee because the custody officer could question the arresting officer on the reasons for arresting the individual and make his judgment based on that. The arrest would then be justified if the custodial officer agrees with the arresting officer’s reasons for arrest. The next power I will be evaluating is the amount of force the police are allowed to use when they are arresting someone suspected of committing or going to commit a crime or offence and when searching premises. I believe the police force that is used against a suspect will probably relate to the force the suspect is using against them. What I mean by this is that if you are very aggressive and try to pick a fight with an arresting officer/s, then they are going to use more force to overpower you, so that they can then arrest you for the offence they suspect you of committing. Whereas, if you are completely compliant with the police, don’t shout abuse at them do everything they are asking you to do, most of the time they won’t even put handcuffs on you, they would just escort you to the back of their police vehicle. I think the police use the correct amount of force when entering a premise. If you are compliant they will then not use force at all, they would just do the job they were sent there for and be on their way. I also believe they use the right amount of force when raiding someone’s house where they have reason to believe that drug dealing is taking place. Warrants will be executed under the Misuse of Drugs Act and the police will use police battering rams to hit the door where the locks are so that they can gain entry.

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